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Microblading $350

Microblading is carried out using a hand held tool to manually insert pigment into the upper layer of the skin.  As the colour is impacted closer to the surface, the hair strokes appear crisp and very fine. Microblading leaves hair-like strokes and in some cases shading that can last 12 to 18 months.  You can wake up with beautifully shaped and shaded brows without having to do a thing.  The treatment is usually carried out in two treatments that are approximately 6 weeks apart.  Factors such as diet, medical history, skin condition and other possible contraindications need to be discussed to determine if you are a suitable candidate.  While an anesthetic is used people experience various levels of discomfort. A pre treatment consultation is required prior to any microblading appointment.

At your microblading session an in depth discussion of brow shape and color, etc. takes place to determine your preferences.  Brows are pre-drawn and pigment color are swatched on your skin for your review based on your preferences and to determine if any adjustments need to be made.  The microblading session involves multiple passes with the microblade tool to create the brow pattern. An anesthetic is applied three times throughout the treatment to reduce discomfort.  At the end of the treatment a detailed post treatment plan is provided and must be strictly followed to insure the best healing and results. After a 14 day healing process you will be able to determine what top offs (if any)  need to be done at the second appointment. Brows must be completely healed (which usually takes about 6 weeks) after which a top off appointment can take place.