Five Makeup Artist Tips to Make Mature Skin Look Younger (Mothers of the bride, this is for you!!!) January 12th 2018

So your skin is more mature and the same old makeup tricks are no longer working for you as well as you’d like. No worries! Times change and so should you! Here are a few easy tips to help you look your best!

1.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!

More mature skin tends to look more crepey. This is due to a lack of hydration and the skin’s decreased ability to hold as much moisture. Use a serum with sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid. These ingredients help attract and bind moisture to the skin. With increased hydration the skin looks more dewey and plump. I’ve gotten great results from Image Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler. Use your fingertips to apply.

2. Stop it from moving! Prime it!

Before using eyeshadows apply an eye shadow primer all over your lid from lashes to brow to keep the shadows from creasing and to help them last all day. I like either MAC’s Prep & Prime 24-Hour Eye Base or their Paint Pot in Painterly or Soft Ochre depending on your skin tone. Use a synthetic concealer brush to apply.

3. This is where we don’t draw the line!

If your eyes are hooded (which as we age happens to most of us) avoid lining above the lashes on the upper lash line. Instead line the upper eyelid in the lash line or just below it on the waterline. This will accentuate the lash line without making the eye look smaller. Use a pencil that is safe for the waterline and waterproof so it doesn’t smear. I like using MAC’s Modern Twist Kajal liner in Squid.

4. Prime to look sublime!

As you age your skin gets more textured, more fine and deeper lines. Using a primer is just like priming a wall before you paint it. Priming fills in the lines so that when you put foundation over the top it looks smooth. My absolute favorite product for this is MAC Prep & Prime Skin. I apply it with a flat foundation brush specifically around the eye area as well as the rest of the face.

5. Correct, correct, correct!

Before putting on concealer or foundation correct age spots, dark circles, and any other kind of pigment damage. I like MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose for lighter skin. For darker skin types I like MAC Prep & Prime Highlighter in Light Boost or Bright Forecast. These I apply to dark circles using the MAC concealer brush and then use the MAC 217 brush or a Beauty blender to feather it out. For darker spots on the face I use the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in a tone that matches the skin. It is waterproof and long lasting and works well under foundations.

There you go 5 easy tips that really help mature skin to look fresh and beautiful for that special day!

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